Elaine immediately believed in me as soon as we met. She encouraged me, mothered me, she gave me authority. She made me angry. She met me as a complete mess of a woman. I disappointed her. I hid from her. But she was the first one I called and to accept me back to Titus where I saved my life and brought my kids home to. She never gave up on me. She never judged me. Thank you, Elaine Ginter, I will forever hold huge space in my heart for you.


Titus 3 saved my life when I was at my lowest. Without it, I wouldn't be where I am today!"


At a time in my life when I was certainly not at my best, Titus 3 was a blessing to my life. I was offered guidance and advice and given love and stability. I am so grateful for friendships I made while at Titus and lifelong lessons I was taught by PJ.


Titus 3 taught me to be an independent woman. It also taught me to be responsible for my actions.


I didn't just "like" Titus 3, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Titus 3.  Titus 3 was my angel who helped save my life when I needed life the most.


Although I didn't finish and was kicked out it was the best thing ever for me. While I was there Ms. PJ helped me focus and apply for my disability, I may have walked away from her help, but her help followed me. As soon as I did what was necessary and got rid of the crap of my life and my addiction to alcohol and ABUSIVE relationships. I left angry with Ms. PJ. One week no joke GOD BLESSED ME ABUNDANTLY. I have GOD in control of my life, all my children are in my life, I can stay for long periods of time at my Neener's house, and praise God...oh yea, I was approved for my disability benefits in less than 4 months. I wanted you to know that I meant all I wrote when I wrote that for you.  YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION FOR ALL AND A SERVANT OF GOD.


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