Our Program

Collaborate with various agencies throughout the Willamette Valley to create an individualized case plan, which, when followed successfully, will ultimately lead to a successful transition from Titus 3.

Provide the opportunity for women struggling with life choices and/or addictions to develop their full potential.

Provide the opportunity for mother's to reunify with their children, as well as encourage all women to re-establish ties with their families.

Provide support, security, encouragement, and assistance to obtain the resources necessary for achieving a successful transition into society.

Encourage all Titus 3 women to volunteer for community service and to find employment. The Dallas community has provided financial and other support for our residents and this is an important way to give back to the community. This volunteerism also provides an excellent opportunity to transition back into the community.  Assist in networking to facilitate job finding, assist in the finding of housing opportunities when the time for transitioning out of Titus 3 comes.



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Our Mission

The mission of Titus 3 is to provide a safe, stable, structured residence for women to successfully transition to a productive, responsible, substance free, law abiding lifestyle. 

Our History

Titus 3 House was the vision of PJ Johnson because there was a need in Polk County for transitional housing for women being released from jail or prison, or on parole and probation.  They needed a safe and sober living environment to help them adjust back into society as productive citizens. 

The doors to Titus 3 were open for business August 25, 2010.  Dana Gilkison worked with PJ to file the appropriate paperwork for the non-profit organization.  We are so thankful for Dana’s work, and sorry that she could not continue with this ministry.

Russ Hilsinger from Grace Baptist Church gave us our name, Titus 3. 

Bruce Christenson served as president of the Board when we got started.   Although he is no longer on the Board, he and Russ Hilsinger are still a blessing to Titus 3 today.

Our first home was located at 886 SW Birch Street in Dallas.  It was a small two-bedroom house with a converted garage which we used as a dorm room. Our second home was located at 121 Fairhaven in Dallas.  It was owned by Russ Hilsinger, and he rented us the 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom house. We moved to our current location at 693 SW Church Street on January 1, 2013.  Polk Community Development Corporation had received a grant to provide for offender housing, and Titus 3 met the requirements.  We are so blessed to occupy this beautiful home which many Dallas residents remember as the Teachout family home for many years.

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints moved us in on that cold and rainy day.  With five ladies residing in the house, we had many boxes of shoes and clothing, in addition to our furniture and household items.

Titus 3 is a faith-based transitional home that requires residents to look for housing, work or attend school, and enroll in a county-sponsored counseling courses to help them learn to change destructive thought patterns and behaviors.  We also encourage the women to give back to our community by volunteering.

The home has the capacity to house six women, along with live-in house director. PJ Johnson has served as the house director for most of the time Titus 3 has been in existence.  Elaine Ginter was with us for 1 ½ years.  The Board is so grateful to both women for their care, concern and love for our ladies. 

We have served over 140 women since Titus 3 began.  Our lives have been enriched and blessed by all the women who have come through the doors of Titus 3. 

Titus 3 House 
693 SW Church St.
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